a single tyrant ensconced on her throne

Remember the necklace thing I made, here? Well, when I purchased the burlap coffee sack I used for that project, I actually bought a second one for another task I had planned.

Early in the summer, I snatched up a wooden director’s chair frame I saw sitting by a dumpster just up the block. I stuck it in my closet, thinking I wanted to paint it before making a new seat and back. At some point I changed my mind, and yesterday I finally got around to dragging it out.

Can’t sit on that. Yet.

I spent most of yesterday measuring, cutting, gluing,  sewing, more gluing, and hammering. Fortunately I had Law & Order: SVU to keep me entertained.

I have more hammering to do today. Upholstery tacks, y’know. They are tedious. I think I’m going to need to reinforce the seat more before I trust that I could sit on it without falling through. I don’t have enough faith in the strength of those tacks alone. there’s also some concern regarding the strength of the burlap, I guess, but whatever. The cats can use it, and that’s good enough for me.

Mmm, rustic.

Buck was snoozing on it last night, too.

Lucy approves.


One thought on “a single tyrant ensconced on her throne

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